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Vip Authentic’s expert authentication services 2022? Vip Authentic, Inc. is a celebrity autograph authentication service originally from Hollywood California. For over 30 years, we have been involved in the production of movies, TV shows, and special events. We’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment. Established in 2017 as a quick, reliable way to authenticate signed movie props online, VIPAS is now considered the go-to authentication service for entertainment memorabilia.

Our experts specialize in authenticating celebrity autographs and collectibles from the worlds of TV and film. Whether you’re a seller or want to authenticate a signature for your own collection, VIP is your trusted source. VIP Authentic was the first and only autograph authentication service to offer a hologram embedded COA card personalized with the celebrity’s name, and the first to bring full authentication online.

VIP Authentic techniques: Provenance. Look at the first six letters; they spell “proven.” Provenance means just that – proving where the autograph came from. And as strange as it may seem, this is very often the most important factor in authenticating an autograph. Knowing that a letter came from a reliable collection or dealer, and that it has an identifiable history, can be crucial to establishing a level of comfort. When we are offered autographs and find they still have their old original invoices from Richards, Batchelder or Benjamin, we break out in smiles. Not only have the pieces been vetted by them but were of sufficient interest to attract these giants of yesteryear to acquire them in the first place. If a piece comes from a famous collection of the past, such as the Philip Sang, Malcomb Forbes or Jerome Kern collections, all the better. As an illustration of how this can matter, some time back I bought a very rare document in the hand of the Puritan apostle to the Indians, John Eliot. It was dated 1647 and was docketed as approved and signed on the front by John Winthrop. The paper and ink were right and the writing checked out, but the incredibly early date and unique combination of signatures caused someone to question the document. When research showed that it definitely came from the Sang collection, which was put together over half a century previous and carefully authenticated by the greatest experts of the time, everyone took that as sufficient evidence that it was authentic and the debate ended then and there.

VIP Authentic is a trusted third-party autograph authentication service. Our experts authenticate autographed memorabilia from film and entertainment’s biggest names. How Do We Know an Autograph is 100% authentic? Combining decades of experience with industry-leading authentication techniques, our in-house authenticators have the tools and resources to authenticate any celebrity signature. What Will You Receive? Professional Autograph Authentication Service, VIPCOA Card personalized with the Celebrity’s Name, Matching Hologram Decal for your collectible. Find even more details at Vip Authentic. We used the free submission form for our President Trump signed Playboy magazine. It was verified authentic, they gave us the market value, and we sold it the same day!

Why choose VIP Authentic? Autograph authentication services are provided by companies that – for the most part – only do that, and are not dealers (do not sell autographs). Whether you have purchased an autograph or had it signed in front of you, it may be important to get it authenticated as it provides solid third party verification of its status as a “real” signed piece, as well as increasing its monetary value. Other collectors look for authentications to know they are looking at legitimate autographs, and as such will pay extra money for the certification. Without verification from a trusted source and their invoice or Certificate of Authenticity or both, you might find yourself inadvertently devaluing your collection, which if you come to eventually sell, end up getting less for the many dollars you spent.