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Our Google Sites template TECHNOLOGY theme is a website design that uses the same layout and styling for each page. This can be done by using web templates to build your website, or it could simply mean you’re following standard best practices in terms of how websites are built out. The advantage of this method over other methods like creating individual pages is that every part of your website will have a consistent look and feel throughout without having to worry about coding different layouts on specific pages.

We can migrate your website from traditional website or classic Google Sites to new Google Site. The migration process is a risk-free way of changing the appearance of your site without requiring any coding or design knowledge. It can also be done in just one day! We can make your website easier to find by adding a custom domain. A customized URL is the best way for you to ensure people remember and find your site when searching online, without having any confusion about what it’s called or where it might be located. The price for adding custom domain to your site is $50.

Intranet discussion forums provide a major boost for project management and company culture. Employees who feel like they can communicate openly and collaborate on projects often come up with innovations. Event calendar is a place where you can see or list upcoming events, such as company holidays, special events, training sessions and more. Events on this calendar could be in the form of a Google Calendar, a link to a website, or even just a date and time if you’d like. You can also use this space to provide details about the event along with any important information such as location, topic, or guest speakers.

Staff Directory Widget for Google Sites Intranet: A staff directory is a place where you can list the various departments or teams within your organization and their contact information. It makes it easy for employees to find the right person to talk to when they need assistance. Employees can search for a specific department or individual using organizational tree, keywords, titles, or other terms. Team Directory widget for Google Sites: Also, all staff members’ contact information is stored in Google Sheets, so the authorized person can easily manage contacts. See additional details on