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Now, last year I looked at this and Najee Harris, and I kept screaming this at the top of my lungs, Najee Harris was outside of the top 10. He’s squeaked into the top 10 now. He’s number 8. This guy’s a top 3 running back in the League based on volume, opportunity, talent, youth, and all that fun stuff. So it’s kind of comical how you see right now looking at the consensus rankings, that Dalvin Cook is ahead of Najee Harris. Dalvin Cook is on the decline. Again, there’s just so much to talk about. I mean, that’s why you got to subscribe and thumbs up because I’ve got so much to dive into you from sleepers to break-outs, to rankings, to analyzing it for you from outside of the box perspective.

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Number three here. I talked about him in another video recently, but I got to bring him up again. Gabriel Davis is my third sneaky sleeper. Now we’re saying, well, Joe, that’s obvious like Gabriel Davis, he kind of broke out last year. People are going to be all over him. Not necessarily and I’ll tell you why. Gabriel Davis right now is currently sitting 46 on the consensus rank on the Consheepsus. Why? Very simple, because he didn’t finish. He finished, I don’t know where he finished. He had a bad year. Let me pull this up here because again, he didn’t really get going. He didn’t have his breakout till later in the season. Right? So if you look at Gabriel Davis, the guy played during the season, what did he have, 16 games he played. I think he started like four of those games. He wasn’t even on the field pretty much the entire season. He had 549 yards, six touchdowns guys. Okay. So when you look at a guy in the postseason that crushed it, I mean he absolutely crushed it. Five touchdowns, 244 yards, 10 receptions. Okay. 10 receptions. And I think he played the two games in the postseason. So this guy had four touchdowns in one game. I’m looking at Gabriel Davis. I’m thinking this guy’s got to break out this, I mean, he’s got to really shine.