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Awesome Great Clips discounts today? Where can I get a Great Clips haircut coupon? Customers can receive Great Clips coupons through multiple ways including print postcards, Facebook and Instagram ads, emails, app messages, and more. To stay up to date with Great Clips offers and promotions, you can sign up for emails here, download the app and create a profile, and follow your local Great Clips salon on Facebook. We urge you to be cautious with any coupons you might see online as some are not authorized by Great Clips or are only applicable to specific salons. If you’re not sure if a coupon is valid, we recommend checking with your local salon. See even more information on

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Great Clips Coupons April 2022 Are you looking for a great haircut but concerned about the high price that comes with it? Then you certainly have not heard about Great Clips. Great Clips delivers high-quality haircuts at affordable prices to men, women, and kids. It is the world’s largest hair salon franchise having over 4400 salons in the United States and Canada. It has about 1,200 franchisees with around 40,000 stylists in total who are frequently trained to get acquainted with the latest trends and different technical expertise as well. Great Clips operates 7 days a week and remains open even in the evenings.

On Nov. 11, customers who stopped in for a service at any Great Clips salon in the United States received a free haircut card to give to a veteran. The free haircut cards are redeemable by all current and past members of the military including active, inactive, retired, disabled and reserve members from any branch. The free haircut cards are redeemable until December 11th. Even though I haven’t received any Great Clips coupons in the mail lately, I did see the following pop-up on Instagram for a Great Clips $7.99 haircut. Details and dates are below for Nashville, and I hope the same haircut sale is going on in other parts of the country, but I cannot verify that. However, I’ll keep looking up sale dates for you. (Plus find another Great Clips haircut coupon below!) I thought Great Clips had permanently raised the price of their Great Haircut sale from $6.99 to $7.99, but I’m not complaining about this drop in price…I just hope it lasts beyond this haircut sale event.