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Quality telescopic belt conveyor manufacturer? As one of the best loading conveyor manufacturer in China. YiFan Conveyor supply small individual conveyors, through to complete factory installations. The flexible roller conveyor systems use PLC control with distribution software, sensors, pneumatics and electrics. Our installation and service team are always ready for full support, locally or internationally. Total of 10 R&D Personnel in our factory including ID, Mechanical & Electronic Engineers. Our company has many years of experience in research and development of production data cable, charging solutions, mobile power tank etc. A professional sales team handle your orders, implements and follows up the production situation, and lets you know the progress of the orders. When we receive the customer’s order, the response will be reflected to our production department, and the delivery time will be the shortest. Find even more information on telescopic belt conveyor manufacturers.

Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyor is widely used in assembly or transport line, physical distribution, container stuffing, etc. It is designed especially to convey flat-bottom items like cartons. Its all-steel join structure makes sure that it holds its integrity when extended or curved. The roller conveyor helps to increase work efficiency and decrease labor intensity in material handing. The gravity roller conveyor series has become a hot product of YiFan. YiFan roller conveyor manufacturer pays great attention to integrity and business reputation. We strictly control the quality and production cost in the production. All these guarantee conveyor system to be quality-reliable and price-favorable.YiFan makes effort to provide quality and considerate services to meet the needs of customers.

The conveyor belt of the conveyor equipment is hardened and cracked? Possible causes: a. Damage caused by chemicals, acids, heat, surface roughness substances; B. Small diameter of drum; C, drum surface wear. Brittleness and cracking of the overburden: Possible cause: damage from chemicals, acids, heat, surface roughness. The upper covering glue of the conveyor equipment has longitudinal groove marks: Possible reasons: a. Improper installation of side baffle; B. The roller is stuck; C. Accumulate material debris; D. Too much impact of loading on belt buckle.

Flexible Extendable Conveyor can be quick manoeuvre in or out of trucks/containers for faster, safer, easier loading and unloading materials. The flexible conveyors allow you to move the load and discharge points of a conveyor application by rolling the conveyor and curving its sections to fit your exact needs. The flexible roller conveyor series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers.YiFan conveyor factory has the ability to meet different needs. We can provide you with the difference types and specifications roller conveyor. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.

The wear of conveyor belt and roller is the main reason to limit the service life of conveyor. The service life of conveyor can be greatly improved by reducing the friction coefficient between conveyor belt and roller, enhancing the wear resistance of conveyor belt and improving the performance of roller. In the ordinary belt conveyor, the manufacturing cost of the idler accounts for 17 percent to 25 percent of the whole belt conveyor, and because of too many moving parts, the maintenance cost is expensive. Adopting non-roller support or non-contact support is the most effective way to reduce the cost of belt conveyor.

The whole handling system is controlled by the central computer, forming a complete set of complex and complete goods conveying and handling system, a large number of goods or materials in and out of the warehouse, loading and unloading, sorting, sorting, identification, measurement, and other work are completed by the conveyor system. In the modern cargo handling system, conveyor plays an important role. The working characteristics of the conveyor without flexible members is to use the rotational motion or vibration of the working members, so that the goods are transported in a certain direction, its conveying members do not have the form of reciprocating cycle, common pneumatic conveyor There are pneumatic conveyors, screw conveyors, vibrating conveyors, etc. Find more info at