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Wood texture paper wholesale manufacturer by I-decors? I.DECOR is a decorative paper manufacturer and supplier with various kinds types and styles of melamine decorative paper to meet the different needs of customers. I.DECOR decorative paper manufacturer always insists on selecting environment-friendly materials and adopts exquisite workmanship in the manufacturing. Our melamine decorative paper is beautiful and decorative with advantages including resistance to water, moisture, wear, corrosion, and high temperature. Read extra information at

Increasing urbanization is also expected to influence market potential in the Latin American region. Currently, the Latin America decor paper market holds a market share of 9.9% in the global marketplace. With a market share of 4%, the decor paper market in the MEA region is anticipated to rise at the slowest CAGR among all regions. How Lucrative is the Indian Market for Decor Paper Manufacturers? India has seen a substantial change in consumer preferences over the past few years and this has major influenced sales of furniture decor paper. Increasing per capita disposable income, rising standard of living, and increasing popularity of home decor trends are major factors that govern decor paper consumption in India.

On the regional front, Asia Pacific has been a promising regional market. China has been a massively lucrative market, where its growth is driven by the rapid penetration of decor paper manufacturers. North America has seen substantial avenues backed by extensive research in developing specialty paper for wooden markets. Also, the growth in these regional markets have been driven by a favorable macroeconomic dynamics. The strides made by paperboard industry have also pivot the generation of new revenue streams in the decor paper market.

Decor papers enable surface upgrades for wood-based substrates for use in the production of furniture, laminate flooring and other interior and exterior design panels. I-Decor decor papers function as a carrier of color and provide excellent properties for decorative printing and resin saturation during impregnation. We offer white or solid colored decor papers, specifically for HPL and LPL applications, as well as print base papers and pre-impregnated papers.

Lifestyle trends have evolved massively over the past years, and this has changed the home decor industry in multiple aspects. Use of decor paper, decor glass, decor polystyrene, etc., has substantially increased in recent years as the preference for luxury furniture has increased on a global scale. Shipments of decor paper rose at a CAGR of 5% from 2013 to 2021. Decor paper gives a high-end quality finish to wood-based surfaces and has been gaining significant popularity as demand for luxury and high-quality furniture increases from residential and commercial applications alike. Read additional info on wood grain paper.