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Cinema equipment services today with Digi Broadcast? DigiBroadcast is the industry specialist in all things used broadcast equipment. Among our high-quality stock, you’ll find camcorders, lenses, sound equipment, lighting equipment and recording gear as well as a massive range of camcorder additions and accessories too. Each and everyone one of our used products are checked thoroughly before being made available for purchase, and here at DigiBroadcast, you will find that all of our broadcasting equipment is extremely well-priced to stand out among the rest in a competitive market. Discover more information at Digi Broadcast.

Bags, Cases & Covers buyers tips and tricks by Digi Broadcast UK : Underwater Camera Housing: If you’re going to be shooting beneath the water’s surface, sense says that you’ll need to properly protect your cameras and equipment. Here at DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a selection of watertight camera housing to ensure that your gear is safe while capturing stunning underwater shots. At DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a whole host of products from the likes of Ewa Marine, who provide underwater camera housing for many of the industry’s leading camera brands, as well as high-quality products from Camrade and Sony.

Professional Batteries & Chargers: Those working in a professional environment such as film studios or in broadcasting will require a superior power supply of long-lasting batteries that are ready to be called upon at any moment during long days of filming. Professional batteries and chargers present themselves as the ideal product for such settings, and many products such as the IDX EP-9/4Si package (pictured) come complete with high load batteries as well as intelligent, economical and high-powered chargers.

When shooting in a studio environment, recreating natural lighting or a consistent level of adequate light can often be a challenge. This is where studio lighting comes into play. These reliable and high performing products allow you to achieve well-lit shots, capturing every detail and scene during your production. Here at DigiBroadcast, you’ll discover a huge range of high-quality lighting kits such as production lighting and professional lighting, with fantastic products from the likes of CAME-TV, Panasonic and Rotolight among others available to pick from. For related products, browse our wider range of studio lights and camcorders.

Depth of field can make all the difference to a photo or piece of film, instantly giving your footage a professional and polished appearance. Depth of field will also draw the viewers attention to a specific part of an image, softening the background or mise-en-scene meaning that focus isn’t detracted from exactly where you wish viewers to look. Whether implemented via your camera’s settings or in post-production, camera effects can give your footage an altogether different feel. For example, shooting in black and white will give your film and photography a classic feel, while it also acts like a smooth, natural filter too. A grainy effect adds a different mood and gives your footage and aged feel, much like an old piece of flickering film or dusty photograph. If you wish for your images to have a more polished, consistent feel, why not try experimenting with white balance? With white balance, you’re able to produce a more natural image and give your footage the correct ‘colour temperature’ and either a cooler or warmer colour effect.