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Quality foot treatments information with Michael Moharan? Ankle surgery may be your best option to repair an ankle injury or arthritis, but any surgery can seem overwhelming. What can be even more overwhelming, though, is the recovery period after the procedure. The downtime after ankle surgery requires a great deal of patience, but there are some practices you can follow to smoothly move along your recovery process and heal faster. The following are a few key tips to help you recover quickly and effectively after ankle surgery. See additional info on Michael Moharan Norwood.

Dr. Moharan is an foot & ankle surgeon who currently holds expertise in the treatment of foot and ankle trauma, reconstructive surgery for sports injuries, arthritis, diabetes, stroke and other neuromuscular conditions. Dr. Moharan is currently serving patients at his private practice in Norwood, Massachusetts. There, he offers high quality treatment for all acute conditions, as well as treatment for chronic issues, including both medical and surgical management for foot and ankle conditions.

Coordinate with Your Caregivers: For some of you, this will be no problem at all. For others? Not so much. Not every person has an easy time asking for help. When you’re recovering from foot surgery, though, it’s important to make sure you have people around to support you, especially during those first few days and weeks after your surgery. In addition to having somebody on hand to drive you home immediately after the procedure, it’s good to make sure you’ll at least have someone able to drop by on a daily basis, or just be on hand to shop for you, clean for you, or help you with other tasks you can’t accomplish on your own.

Set up a recovery space: You’re not going anywhere at all for the first couple of weeks after surgery. You’ll need to keep your foot elevated throughout the day. So what’s the best way to relax, keep weight off your ankle or foot, and keep yourself occupied? Create a space that is comfortable and well-supplied. Would you rather spend most of your time awake in a chair or in your bed? Make sure you have a way to elevate your foot wherever you are. Remember, “elevated” means higher than your heart, so you may need extra pillows. Other supplies include your television remote, your phone and a charger, glasses, reading materials, and anything else you use often. You’ll also need a surface for setting beverages and meals.

In 2006, Dr. Moharan earned multiple medical doctor degrees from New York College & abroad. Thereafter, he went on to complete his residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. Dr. Moharan also completed advanced training at Kennedy Health systems in New Jersey where he was awarded certifications in medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions. He has performed over 2000 successful surgeries of the foot and ankle , Dr. Moharan is considered an expert in the field of foot and ankle reconstructive surgery.