Impact of culture and technology synergy today from Jarábik Barbara


Effects of culture and technology synergy these days from Jarábik Barbara : The rapidity of communicative exchanges in time and space, made possible by the availability of the internet and media everywhere, leading to a strong global impact known as media globalization. People all over the world have access to the internet, which ensures the production, distribution, and use of digitized information in all formats. Back in my grandparents’ generation, people used to meet together physically to discuss concerns and share knowledge. Today, meetings are often done online through social media platforms, giving the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship. Through social media, people have the ability to create relationships based solely on mutual understandings and shared common interests. The current process of media globalization has led to a deeper understanding between different cultures through virtual encounters.

Barbara Jarabik

There exists always a tough competition between technology and tradition in a community. Technology has constrained the world into a global village by globalization. Imagination of today’s life without electricity, transportation, communication, etc. takes us back in time. The advancement in the field of medical science, engineering, economy, etc. is as a result of technology. Industrialization, Urbanization, Modernization, Development of the means of transport and communication is all possible as a result of positive impact of technology. It also helps in networking of the culture, tradition and coherence of the society. The 21st century has been so much forward due to the progress of technology.

In case of mobile phones initially mobile phones were designed for an industrial purpose in a factory by Motorola, the main reason why mobile phones became famous was when Japanese companies were influenced and inspired by their own culture of talking and sharing knowledge with each other. Technology sometimes gets integrated with a culture and community, in cases when technology cannot integrate, technology adapts to the culture as seen in Kosher phone which was made to adapt to the Jewish culture (which prohibited cameras, text messaging service).

Most people probably would picture computers and cell phones when the subject of technology comes to their minds. However, technology is a product of the modern era and a tool created from specific knowledge that serves a particular function Technological influence has been a part of life since the advent of human species, like languages, rituals, art, etc. For instance, fire and stone tools were important forms of technology developed during the Stone Age. The creation of stone tools strongly impacted the way pre-modern humans lived, and the development of their hunting skills. Just like how modern technology and social media influencing human behaviours, and shaping the way we live today. Discover more details at

Vision plays a major role in determining how a technology can grow or be used. Every culture has something very unique and different from the other culture and hence a very different approach to technology, in the olden times, people were not connected and hence what used to be a vision in one culture used to be a technological marvel in the other culture, this can be seen in the case of airplanes. In the Indian culture the concept of a flying machine has been a tale for thousands of years (Childress, 1991) and it was not until Leonardo da Vinci drew a few drawings inspired by pigeons the idea came into the notice to a different culture, in the end credit goes to the developers and the researchers, who developed the aeroplane (Childress, 1991).