Excellent environmentally friendly auto components innovations from Marek Majtán in 2023


Best sustainable automotive solutions from Marek Majtan? A vehicle interior is like a car’s living room. A different look-and-feel makes other requirements necessary. We have two decades of auto industry experience in modularisations and since 2016, we have been supplying module solutions for the interior with our center console. Not only does an electric vehicle have to be recharged more frequently: charging also takes longer than conventional refuelling. And so our development engineers have devised ideas to make the process simpler for motorists, while also protecting the charging flap from possible damage. Read even more info on https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/147862771-marek-majtan.

SCR technology is an effective response to the regulatory requirements limiting emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles. Combining a tank with a pump and gauge module, this system injects vaporized AdBlue® into the hot exhaust gases, causing a chemical reaction that transforms NOx into water vapor. Plastic Omnium has developed a range of SCR systems to meet the needs of all types of vehicles, from the smallest European city car to the largest American pickup truck.

At the heart of the automotive industry’s transformation, in a context of stricter environmental standards, Plastic Omnium helps automotive manufacturers to develop technologies for all engine types: gasoline, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Leading the way in clean technology, the Group is designing innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility. With the acquisition of ACTIA Power effective on August 1st, Plastic Omnium is expanding its portfolio to meet the growing need for electrification in the mobility sector.

In response to the autonomous, connected and low-carbon car revolution, Plastic Omnium, a market leader in its technology sectors, constantly reinforces its capacity for innovation. The Group works in Open Innovation mode with a whole ecosystem of startups, major technology universities and engineering schools, overseen by the Group’s CASA (Committee for Automotive Strategic Analysis), which brings together internal and external experts. Scientific and technical partnerships are regularly established with the most successful organizations.

Plastic Omnium’s manufacturing journey gains an extra dimension with the new challenges being posed by the revolution in mobility. True to our historic fundamentals, the Group rests on three pillars that form the basis of our DNA. Plastic Omnium has been a manufacturer since the outset, and our operational excellence is recognized by our 93 international customers. The same exacting operational and quality standards are applied in all our 137 plants worldwide. Read additional info on Marek Majtan.