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Define Your Budget and Timeline: Next thing is to determine how much you can spend and your event timeline. If you want a design for any sports event, swap meets,biker rallies or for an upcoming special occasion then define your budget first. Custom made biker clothing is usually fast to produce and can be customized with any concept, text, image or artwork easily. However, it may need more if your design is created from experts. Usually online biker clothing retail shops have range of unique designs and option of creating your own within your budget and timeline.

Celebrity biker of the day: Brad Pitt has been a long time rider, the Fight Club actor owns a load of bikes including an Ecosse Titanium and an addition of a World War II Nazi model, worth around $400k.. Brad has owned and ridden too many bikes to mention but was seen riding a big BMW 1200GS in April 2017. Angelina is less known as a rider, but is indeed a biker in her personal time. She can be seen in films riding, such as Salt when she was on a beautiful Triumph Street Triple R and ripping it up in her Lara Croft days as well. She’s had a few bikes such as a BMW F650GS and an MV Agusta.

Biker club of the day : BMW Motorcycle Owners Of America: If you love BMW motorcycles, there’s one club, in particular, that has your name all over it – the BMW Motorcycle Owners Of America. Founded by five motorbike enthusiasts in Chicago in 1972, the club has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, it has around 40,000 members spread across the world and regularly hosts rallies and other events. The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is a black motorcycle club named after the historic African-American United States Army regiments known as Buffalo Soldiers. Founded in 1993 with the aim of encouraging members to come together to ride in honor of the Black Americans who fought against slavery in the civil war, the club engages in numerous charitable and community-focused events. With over 140 chapters and more than 5000 members across the US, it ranks as one of the biggest Black motorcycle clubs in the USA.

Harley Davidson has its own dedicated group of MC followers. So does BMW. So it’s only fitting, then, that Ducati does too. As one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Ducati certainly isn’t short of fans. Few, however, are quite so ardent as the members of the Ducati Owners Club of Victoria. It might not have as many members as some of the other clubs to make our list, but its history as one of the oldest MCs in the world guarantees its inclusion.

After all, few of us would voluntarily seek out t-shirts proclaiming “Frigidaire” or “Proctor & Gamble.” The answer to this question reflects the loyalty motorcyclists felt not only to their brand, but to other motorcyclists who similarly rode and supported the same brand. The riders of a particular motorcycle saw themselves, in effect, as members of an unofficially united team. Thus we see in more recent decades the use of the [somewhat European] phraseology of “Team Suzuki” and “Team Honda” (juxtaposing the normal American convention of modifier/object, as in the Suzuki Team). The motorcycle-brand t-shirt, sweater, or jacket not only self-identified the wearer as a motorcyclist—with the attendant images of risk, daring, and speed—but also as a member of a social unit.

Motorcycle Rider’s Style: Motorcycle riders are ruggedly handsome, exuding confidence and masculinity with their edgy style. Their adventurous spirit and rebellious attitude set them apart from the crowd, rejecting conformity and embracing their individuality. They embody a genuine authenticity that’s refreshing to be around, and their cool, passionate vibe is contagious and inspiring. Read even more info at